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Why we do what we do:
Below is a message we received from a fan after playing Glendale Heights fest. It is the exact reason we do what we do. We are all so very lucky to be able to be on that stage. Our goal is to make you all happy in any way we can, and the letter below is very much appreciated. At the festival, two very special friends of ours had some fun with us. Our payment is seeing them and everyone out there smile. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. There is video of both Richard and Cory doing their thing with us. Anyone at Anytime is welcome on the stage with Infinity to share a special moment with us. We are honored that you would share your time with us. That is what it is all about. Thank you all so much from Bob, Vince, Lance, Ben, Zach, and Mike.

Dear Mr Biagi,

I had the pleasure tonight, of watching your performance at Glendale Heights Fest. It was, as always, a fabulous show. Thank you for the entertainment. My Friends and I have "followed" you for years. I won't reveal how many years so we can continue to think we're young. 😀 I write to you today for a very specific reason. What I witnessed this evening was the true definition of so many things its impossible to capture in one word. I have worked with organizations such as Western Dupage Special Recreation and Illinois Fire Safety Alliance Burn Camp. It has given me the opportunity to work with people such as Richard and Cory that were on your stage tonight. One thing, out of many, I have learned is music is a fabulous therapy tool. As you probably know, music can put you into your own little world of peace and tranquility. In some cases can bring out an otherwise shy person or make happy a normally depressed person. I suppose I should get to my point. It takes a strong, compassionate, loving, generous, and gifted person to do what you did this evening. The best part about was so natural. It was not a forced action for the gratification of an audience. I am willing to bet that you would not think what you did went "over and above." Its just what you make people happy the way you would like to be made happy. You give of yourself because you know "its just what you do." Watching Richard be so happy just to watch you from the audience and being lucky enough to dance with him a bit made my night. Or so I thought. Then.........he was on stage. Oh my!!! I didn't think anyone could be so happy and confident. Singing and dancing as if was was part of the band.....He was amazing! Then there was Cory. "Turn up the base!" You were right...she will feel it till next Thursday. And so will I. LOL. The child cannot hear but yet can feel the beat of the music and boy did she. She didnt stop clapping. And when she found out she could get a shirt....she ran to get it. If only all of us could be so innocently happy like that. And if only all adults could be as naturally kind as you were tonight the world would be a much better place. I guess I could say that what I witnessed tonight was true natural love of the human spirit. Reveling in the innocence of an unscathed soul that is protected by their disability from societies damaging effects. Bob Biagi are a wonderful man. Your kindness will come back to you tenfold. What you did for those two kids tonight was nothing less than amazing. The example you set for the rest of us equally amazing. Some day I hope I get the chance to meet you, shake your hand and thank you for being you. Until then I will just have to keep the memory of tonight alive so I can smile again and again!

Teri Atkinson

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